Anna-Valentini Michailidou

Anna-Valentini Michailidou | PhD Student in Informatics

I received my BSc degree in Informatics from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2018. I am currently a PhD student in the Informatics Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 2018. My research interests include distributed data analytics and dataflow optimization.

I am a member of the Data & Web Science Laboratory.


  • Anna-Valentini Michailidou, Anastasios Gounaris, Moysis Symeonides, Demetris Trihinas: EQUALITY: Quality-aware intensive analytics on the edge. Information Systems. 2021. [link]

  • Sonia Cisneros-Cabrera, Anna-Valentini Michailidou, Sandra Sampaio, Pedro Sampaio, Anastasios Gounaris: Experimenting with Big Data Computing for Scaling Data Quality-Aware Query Processing. Expert Systems with Applications. 2021. [link] [pdf]
  • Theodoros Toliopoulos, Nikodimos Nikolaidis, Anna-Valentini Michailidou, Andreas Seitaridis, Anastasios Gounaris, Nick Bassiliades, Apostolos Georgiadis, and Fotis Liotopoulos: Developing a real-time traffic reporting and forecasting back-end system. RCIS2020 – The 14th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science. [link] [pdf]
  • Anna-Valentini Michailidou, Anastasios Gounaris: A fast solution for bi-objective traffic minimization in geo-distributed data flows. IDEAS2019 – 23nd International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium. [link] [pdf]
  • Anna-Valentini Michailidou, Anastasios Gounaris: Bi-objective traffic optimization in geo-distributed data flows. Big Data Research. 2019.  [link] [pdf]

Research interests

  • Dataflow optimization
  • Spark optimization
  • Geo-distributed analytics
  • Fog computing
  • Worklflow optimization
  • Data Quality

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